Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dirty Hair? Dry Shampoo!

Hey ya'll!
I spent most of last week/weekend in sunny Phoenix visiting my aunt...and it was fabulous. Seriously wonderful. Had a great time, met lots of people, and took relaxing to a new level. In fact,  I may have been slightly depressed to return to Nebraska...especially since I took a 30 degree cut in temperature. So VERY thankful for the time I got to spend with my aunt! I can't wait to get back there again....

So, in the week since I've been back, it seems like I have been trying to play catch up. And when you are playing catch up, the first thing that goes out the door is washing your hair (ok, maybe thats just me.) Um... gross. I know, but seriously. This brings me to one of my favorite inventions ever. DRY SHAMPOO.

This is typically my go-to for dry shampoo. It's TIGI-Rockaholic "Dirty Secret".  For those of you who are completely oblivious to this amazing invention, dry shampoo is typically used for Day 2 and 3 hair that you haven't washed. It absorbs oil, and leaves hair looking refreshed. It also smells great!

I typically spray the product in my bangs and roots area, let it sit for a minute or so, and then comb through and shake it out. And..tada.. fresh hair! No wash. So, my problem with this stuff? It is like $20 a bottle. Which is fine and dandy, but I could blow through a bottle in a week or two. Um, I don't have time or money to be replacing this stuff that often.

After doing some research, I heard that CORNSTARCH is often used for absorbing oil in both hair and skin. So, basically, I just went for it. I poured a little cornstarch in a bowl, grabbed my kabuki brush and swirled it around, and just started dabbing it in the "typical" areas of concern. Anyways, this works like a dream. Seriously, I highly doubt I will buy another bottle of dry shampoo EVER when I can buy a box of cornstarch for like 79 cents.

Now, I did a little experiment, and went 3 days without washing my hair. I used the cornstarch to refresh my hair after I bathed, and it went very well. I didn't try to curl my hair or anything during this time period, I simply wore it down and straight (and on day 3 I went for the sock bun!)  So, if you have any major styling you want to do, you may need to wash your hair.

Next time you need a quick pick me up, but don't have time for a wash, check your pantry. Cornstarch is a fantastic sub for dry shampoo. Yay!


  1. Good to know!! I'll have to try that sometime! I can usually get away with not washing my hair as often during the winter, but in the summer humidity, it doesn't last long. Here's a question I've always had, though. What do people do about their hair after they've gone to the gym if they don't wash it every day? I either have to wash it, or skip the gym! And to be honest, I've often skipped working out just because I don't want to wash my hair!! Is there a secret I'm missing out on?!

    1. The gym question is a good one! In my opinion, it really just depends on how sweaty you get. When I do Zumba, I am usually pretty sweaty and I don't know if my hair can recover with just dry shampoo. But if you are moderately sweaty, I think if you let your hair dry (or blow dry it with the cold setting after you work out..kinda gross.. I know..) and then spray in your dry shampoo I think it does work well. I am the exact same way, I plan my workouts around my hair/shower schedule. Sometimes it would be SO nice to be a guy. :) I hear a lot of people say that they use dry shampoo after a hard workout though, I think maybe the secret is to letting your hair dry first if its sweaty... or drying it. It's a little gross though I think!

  2. Thanks for the info! I've never tried dry shampoo, but I just saw your update about the Suave kind, so I'm going to get some. I feel bad that I use the excuse of not wanting to wash my hair for not working out, so that needs to change!
    I'm glad you had a great weekend visiting your friend, too! That's so great that you've keep in touch after all these years! I was out of town until tonight myself. I just got back from vacation in Hawaii, so that was fun!

  3. I think Dry Shampoo is a unique thing..... although I have never used it... But I think I must try it at least once.

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