Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Current Food Obsessions

Exactly two weeks ago I made a random decision to give up desserts. I specifically made this include:

ice cream
candy of any kind

If you know me, you know I love to bake. It is nearly impossible to bake without at least TRYING what you are making. So I haven't been baking much lately. Anyways, I had really no reason for doing this other than that I was curious to see if it changed how I felt on a daily basis.

Well, two weeks in, and what I find most interesting is that I don't really crave the treats anymore. I used to constantly crave sugar and it was actually a little bit hard for the first week to not give in whenever  someone offered me dessert or candy, (which is a lot more than I realized, by the way) but now it doesn't seem as tempting. Also, an interesting discovery was my obsessive sugar-stress eating. I was under an extreme amount of stress last week, and half the time all that I could think about was Sweettarts and chocolate. I had no idea how much more sugar I ate when I am feeling pressured! It was a good "note to self" moment.

Anyways, the two weeks are over, and I didn't really learn a lesson. Honestly, I don't think I feel any "better" or different than I did when I was consuming these items on the regular, but I do feel better about the fact that I am being healthier in general. So, I am probably just going to continue this habit!

Which leads me to my topic... my new favorite food to eat are these Taylor Farms salad kits! It is SO easy to take to work or when you are in a hurry.. love these things.

I have had this one....
BBQ Ranch.. which is my favorite. 

And I had this one today. I enjoyed the Asian one as well, but the dressing was a little bit too intense for me. 

Either way, this is my new favorite "take it to work" food. FYI, I can only eat about half the bag at a time, so technically this is more like 2 meals. Bonus! 

Yum! Everyone should try these. There are a few other "flavors" as well. You can get these at HyVee and Supersaver .....and possibly other places, but I have only bought them there!

Have a happy remaining Tuesday!

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