Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clarisonic Love

OMG, how have I NOT blogged about my Clarisonic?

Whenever I start a sentence with OMG, I always immediately feel like a Junior High girl. As I should.

Anywho, seriously though.. I am talking about this little device....

Let's just start with the CONS, because they are few.

  • Pricey. Depending on where you purchase, this will run typically between $180-$250. 
Um, that's all I can think of.


  • Cleans your skin better than any possible cleanser ALONE
  • Removes every last trace of makeup
  • Makes your skin feel soft and smooth 
  • Smooths uneven skin surfaces
The list goes on and on. Some people experience extreme changes in their skin, I however, did not. That doesn't stop me from loving this thing though. I enjoy knowing that when I use my Clarisonic, I know without a doubt that my skin is as clean as it can possibly get. There is something satisfying about getting every last ounce of makeup off of your skin.

If you are unfamiliar with the Clarisonic, it comes with a removable brush head, and you are supposed to change it out periodically. There are different brush heads for different types of skin as well.

I got my Clarisonic as a gift about 3 years ago, and I have never stopped using it since then.
In my opinion, this is an investment that is WELL worth your money.

NOTE: I drop this thing all the time.... in the shower, on the floor, from heights... it DOES NOT break. I repeat, DOES NOT BREAK. And it is rechargeable.

If you are looking to change up your skin routine, start here!


  1. I LOVE my Clarisonic, too! I bought mine just before Christmas last year. Unfortunately, when I was changing the brush head a few weeks ago, one of the pins that holds it into place popped out! I called Clarisonic and they are sending me a whole new device!! But it's on backorder, so I haven't been able to use for Clarisonic for about a month now! I don't know who'd freaking out more... me or my skin!

    1. They are fantastic!!!! I have never had that happen but I will be aware of it now! Thats great that they are replacing it though!