Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prissy Lips & Fitness Tips

I love Saturdays. This is a very generic comment, especially if you don't have to work. I am saying it anyways.

For my birthday last week, one of my sweet friends gave me a smorgasbord present, with random and unrelated products. Those are my favorite! As a side note, whenever I use the word "smorgasbord" I ALWAYS think of this scene out of Charlotte's Web. I watched this movie a lot. Anyways....
Or... click HERE for the link if you are viewing on your mobile. 
PS- I don't remember this movie being so creepy. 

One of the items was a lip gloss I have never used OR heard of! There are few things I love more than a new brand. I am a sucker for good smells and cute packaging...and this product delivers! And... I know you aren't supposed to eat your lip gloss, but who are you kidding? Everyone knows it gets in your mouth. This stuff tastes good...bonus!

This is... Fake Bake in "Prissy Lips." I even love the name. It is fitting for this gloss. It is a light, sparkly pink that I would possibly layer over a darker color, or wear alone for a light tint. It smells sweet and candy-like and has a similar taste.
I just love the tube. Crossing my fingers that I can keep this one in my possession for more than a few months. The good news is, even if I lose it, I will probably find it under my car seat later. Thanks Al :) 

Also... my favorite FIT blog...simply(fit)girls , posted about "the perfect snack" in their last blog entry. I finally got the chance to try the "Larabar" today and I am a huge fan! It reminds me a lot of my favorite pre workout balls. (You can google this concept and come up with several variations!) It's the perfect amount of food to eat before a workout! Or if you are like me, and are starving before bed, it's a great and healthy snack! (Side note: if you have a sweet tooth, it comes in chocolate/peanut butter combos. My favorite!) 

Lastly, but MORE importantly, if you are looking to change up, or START a fitness routine, Lincoln recently gained an amazing trainer! Roxanne at simply(fit)girls is available to meet your fitness needs. Check out their blog for fitness tips, quick work outs, or to find out more about customizing your own workout with a trainer. 
One of my favorite things about simply(fit)girls is that $5 out of every workout session is donated to an organization of YOUR choice! How cool is that? 
If you are in Lincoln, get in touch with Roxanne HERE

Wishing everyone a relaxing and fun weekend!



  1. There will be no giveaway/prize for Alex S this challenge. This is just a fun way to stay active and accountable.

  2. Hahahahahah :D
    Elizabeth J. Nea I am agree with you

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