Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mascara Debates

Mascara is a staple. For most girls. For myself, I prefer to always have mascara on. It's kind of like wearing deodorant... it's just necessary.

A couple of years ago I fell in love with this mascara made by Benefit called "They're Real!"
The girl at Sephora told me that until I tried this mascara, I was not really living. That may have been a tad bit dramatic...but I also think she may have had a point. This stuff is THE BEST. I know I say that about a lot of products....but keep in mind... I buy and try A LOT of products as well. This is researched information, guys! (girls?)

A few pointers about this stuff:

  • If you can see from the picture, it is a "hard bristled" brush. Some hate, some love. I love this. It makes it so much easier to apply without getting the despised "globbing."
  • This mascara is amazing with two coats. If you are going out and want a little more of a dramatic eye, a second coat of this stuff will do the trick. 
  • LENGTH LENGTH LENGTH! If you need length, this mascara should be at least tested by you! 
  • Stay power. Will.Not.Smear. 

Of course, because this is not a drugstore mascara, it will cost you about $23. Not the greatest, not the worst. Because of this price... I have resorted to a "switching out" method. My method is this: when I am going places like school, work, gym.... drugstore mascara. Does anyone really care if my eyelashes look extra long there? Probably not. So, in these times, you cannot go wrong with:

Lash Blast is made by Cover Girl. You can get it anywhere.  (Walmart, Target, Walgreen's...etc.) This mascara is still fantastic. It has the same characteristics as "They're Real," such as:

  • Hard bristles (great for lengthening and separating!) 
  • Volume and length
  • Stay power 
Lash Blast will cost you anywhere between $4-$7. In my opinion, it is a great idea to have a better quality mascara (trust me, you can tell the quality in the formula!) such as "They're Real," on hand, for going out and other "more important" events. This is a win-win... you don't have to try and commit to a mascara, and you can get longer use out of BOTH!

*Disclaimer- I probably buy a new mascara to try at least once a week. I have a problem. I am always looking for something better. However, these have been trusty favorites for 2+ that has to say something, right?

Hurry out to your nearest Sephora (or shop online!) and grab a tube of "They're Real." I highly doubt you will be disappointed!

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