Thursday, March 7, 2013

Personal Struggles: Greek Yogurt

If you keep up with anything health related, you know that Greek Yogurt is where it's at these days. It is the perfect snack...low in fat, high in protein. 

There is just one problem: I HATE IT. 

I can handle it in a smoothie, but alone, I simply cannot shake the fact that I am eating sour cream, or something similar, straight from the jar. 

Thus starts my periodical journey with trying to make myself like Greek yogurt. I have tried different brands, different flavors, etc. A while back, someone recommended trying Chobani brand, Honey flavor. I typically buy Chobani (when I am experimenting) and have had the most success with it. (By success I mean haven't thrown up.)

So, this week, I purchased 4 small cups (as pictured above) to keep at work for when I become famished. 

It went something like this...

Day 1: Remove lid. Smell yogurt. Become nauseated. Attempt to eat, gag 800 times before finishing yogurt. 

Day 2: Brilliantly mix cinnamon into my yogurt. Realize this barely did anything and proceed to gag 600 times to finish.

Day 3: Mix cinnamon, Truvia, and oats into my yogurt. Gag twice before finishing. 

Could it be that this yogurt is an acquired taste? My concern is that I am making it unhealthy by  using all of these add-ins that make it easier for me to swallow (literally). 

So, I have one more left, that I will try to eat tomorrow. Maybe I am missing something, or maybe I just need to completely derail this Greek Yogurt train. Any advice for other healthy snack options, add-ins, or  basically anything you want to say, is welcomed. 


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  1. Wow! I usually don't hear of many people who don't like Greek yogurt. I started eating it before it was cool, and I love it! I was loyal to Chobani for the longest time, but I've never been a fan of the honey flavors in any brand. But now my very favorite brand is the most expensive, Fage. Every fruit flavor is delicious! You could try the 2% instead of the fat free because I think it's a little creamier. It honestly tastes like dessert to me! And my brother loves the Oikos brand vanilla flavor. I hope you find a brand/flavor you like. It's really quite good! :)