Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Eyes...

Have you ever noticed I like to start my posts with the reason I haven't blogged sooner? Well, for this post, I am going to blog about the reason I haven't blogged lately. Don't worry, it will be more interesting than you think. Maybe.

Last Wednesday, exactly one week ago, I had LASIK performed! WHOHOO!  

I have wanted to do this procedure for the longest time. And finally, this year, my eye doctor said my prescription had stabilized and I was a candidate. Without much thought or consideration, I scheduled my consult. 

I have heard a few personal accounts of people who had had LASIK and it took little to convince me that it wasn't the best option. Plus, NO ONE said they regretted it. (Duh... who regrets not having to deal with contacts and glasses anymore? Major pain.) 

I was told the procedure would be basically painless, and that afterwards I would sleep for several hours and wake up with my eyesight! Well...this is kind of what happened. I am not trying to discourage anyone, it really is great. However, I think maybe they should have been a tad more specific. Let me outline this. Because I love outlines. And because I should be outlining my research project, but instead I am outlining a procedure I had last week. Typical. 

A. Pre Procedure
    1. A lady talks to you for 30 min about what is going to happen. I was barely listening. I used to be a surgical tech. Nothing you say right now is going to alarm me.
    2. Same said lady administers Ibuprofen and Valium. She tells me I will be exhausted beyond belief. 
         a. I was not exhausted beyond belief. In fact, I felt no change. I wish I responded more appropriately to drugs. 

B. Procedure
     1. I remember above mentioned lady telling me that there will be a suction like process that will feel      like "pressure on my eyes."
          a. By pressure, she meant it will feel like someone is trying to suck my eyes out of my head with     a  vacuum hose mixed with the worst migraine I have ever experienced in my life. That being said, it only lasted about 30 seconds. But, seriously people. Pressure? Perhaps we should explore our terminology in the future.
     2. Color Show
          a. Again, above mentioned lady said that I may experience complete blackness during the procedure or "colors." I didn't expect it to be similar to a scene out of a drug trip. *note: what I would expect that to be like. 

C. Post Procedure
     1. Said lady (at this point I am wishing I had her name...) also referred to a "burning and stinging" that would occur for 90 minutes post procedure. 
          a. Again, with the terminology. Maybe I am a huge baby, but burning? Here I am imagining getting a little soap in my eyes....but no. This was more akin to lighting a match and dropping it in  your eyeball. I don't even know if I was crying or my eyes were watering. Both, I think. And 90 minutes is a substantially long time to feel this way. Luckily, the combination of Valium and Tylenol PM I had downed took over my body around the 90 minute mark and I was able to sleep for quite some time. 
     2. You are not allowed to open your eyes. Um, no problem. Because I can't without wanting to die. 
     3. After waking up (with my eye shields on, mind you....not cute...) I could see. My vision was a little blurry, eyes a tad bit watery, but I could see! Yay! And I didn't have  my contacts in. (Obviously.) 

Ok, so long story short, here I am... a week out. Looking back, I would definitely do it all over again. Anyone can stand a little pain that totals up to be around 2 hours long, right? I mean...seriously. No wonder no one mentions all those details. I practically already forgot about them because I love my new eyes so much! It's definitely a little bit difficult to see at night because of the light sensitivity (headlights, street lights, etc.), but I am told that will lessen as time goes on. 

So, its official. I can see. And I am THRILLED. And thankful that I was able to do this! 

If you are in the Lincoln area, and are thinking about LASIK, I had mine done at Sutton, Linder & Sutton. They were fantastic, and everyone I encountered throughout the process (and post process) has been super nice and informative! 

If you are a candidate for LASIK, you should totally do it. It has been WELL worth it! 

PS-Anyone reading who has had the procedure... I would love to hear about your experience! Feel free to comment or email! 

Yours Truly, (pen pal style)


  1. Wow! LASIK surgery is huge!! I'm glad everything went well! I've often considered it, but the doctor thought my eyes had stabilized, and then a couple years later they got a little worse. It's nice to know exactly what happens, though, so thanks for the re-cap!

  2. Congratulations on the operation and hopefully you will be now used to the new sights and vison. I am also planning to get it done sometime in the coming summer.