Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Shampoo Diaries

I will admit it. I am a shampoo snob. But, with confidence, I will say I have come to this decision over years of experimentation.

It all started  as a young girl.  I was raised on Biolage. (Well, that came out wrong. No, I didn’t eat it.) My mom always used Biolage shampoo for my sister and I. We both had long hair and she stressed the importance of “taking care of your hair.” Which,  apparently to her,  meant using salon products!

Fast forward 20+ years, and I cannot quite break the grip on this philosophy. And, I don’t want to! I performed an experiment last year (per my friend Steph's request :) ) and experimented with buying non-salon products (you name it, I have tried it) and actually used them for weeks at a time. I have to say, in my opinion, the difference is obvious from the start! My hair always felt heavy, sticky… lacking volume.. etc etc.

So, what do I use you may wonder?

I think the “secret” to shampoo is to never keep using the same one for too long! I have no scientific proof for this. In fact, I made it up. Its my own theory. But I have an arsenal of shampoo in my bathroom… and I switch out sometimes daily! Of course, over the years I have developed some standard favorites. And here they are...

What can I say, old habits die hard. Biolage comes in a variety of kinds for your hair type (normal, dry, oily, etc.) I have found that I like to use the "Normal" or "Hydrating". Truth be told, they all work and smell great. 

TIGI Bedhead Urban Anti-dotes 3
I sought this shampoo out when my hair went through a really dry, brittle state due to a medication I was taking. The first reason I fell in love was because of the smell. I think it smells fantastic! But this shampoo does keeps  my hair so soft and it really does a great job at repairing your hair if it is damaged. 

Redken All Soft
I love how smooth and manageable this shampoo makes my hair. Plus, the smell reminds me of summer. And tanning lotions. And laying out by the pool. Triple bonus! 

Well, there you have my shampoo closet. I am always trying new things, so the truth is, there are about 2-3+ more shampoos that are rotating around right now. But these are my old faithfuls. If you can't find a shampoo you love, I would recommend one of these. 

It's OK to admit if you are a shampoo snob. There is no shame….

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and it's great! I recently started my own blog, and it sounds like it's kind of similar to yours! :) I, too, and a shampoo snob. I was raised on all the salon products, too, because my mom is a hairdresser. I like changing up my shampoos, too!