Monday, January 14, 2013

Thankful Mondays

The start of another week! I used to hate Monday mornings, but as of lately, I find myself reflecting on the weekend and realizing how thankful I am! Most weekends I get to see my family, spend extra time with friends, and relax... a little bit! So, when Monday rolls around, I like to think about all of the fun activities and people that I am so blessed to have in my life. Plus, it's much better than whining about the week ahead! 

On this particular Monday, I am, of course, always thankful for my family and friends. 

However, moving on to some things of lesser importance. It's the little things in life, right? 

Today I am thankful for: 

it's a 10
The bottle reads "miracle leave in product." Hmmm.. that seems to be a lofty statement. It's not. Trust me. This is one of those "life changing" products.  If you have hair with any length, you know that sometimes the amount of time it takes to detangle your hair is insane. I am telling you: a couple sprays into your wet hair,  and you will never look back. This detangles, softens and adds shine. It is truly a miracle. 

And.. of course...
OPI Glitter Polish 
Glitter polish. When I noticed glitter polish becoming trendy, I was a tad bit skeptical. It reminded me of elementary school when I would buy ONLY things that had glitter in them and subsequently walk around with my entire body as a sparkling mess. 
This is different though. This is festive and fun. There are so many modern colors out there, the one above being my favorite right now! Glitter (in moderation, ladies) is a fun way to brighten a Winter day! If you aren't on the glitter train yet, its time! 

Hoping everyone has a wonderful, thankful Monday!



  1. My mom has been telling me how great the It's a 10 products are. I'll have to try the leave-in because I always need a good detangler!

    And I definitely love the glitter polishes! They look so festive and fun over a nice color. One of my favorites that I wear by itself is OPI's Glitzerland.

    1. Jenna, they are amazing! I have also used the hair mask occasionally and loved the results. I mainly use it as a detangler and I cannot say enough good things about it!
      I will have to try that OPI! Thanks:)