Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tanners Rejoice!

This is my dilemma:
For years and years I was definitely a tanning junkie. Who doesn't love to have a nice, colorful glow all year around? I don't know about you, but it always made me feel a little bit better, especially in the winter months when I would be otherwise transparent.

Well, in the past few years, I just stopped tanning. It was a combination of becoming increasingly aware of the dangers, and also my skin became very irritated by it. It wasn't worth the hassle, so I just quit.

But, I am blonde. And I am light complected. It didn't take long for my lack of sun to catch up with me in the winter months. Trust me, there is nothing cool about your lightest foundation looking orange against your ghostly skin.

I began exploring my options. Spray tanning? Lotions? Creams? Mists?

I tried it all.

I decided tanning lotion is a lot of work. It is extremely difficult to make sure you get it everywhere, AND streak free. However, if you like this, I think Jergens has the best tanning lotions.

I started getting spray tans a little more regularly, or just whenever I felt it was absolutely necessary that I didn't look freakishly white. For those of you in the Lincoln area, I typically get mine at Max Tan. I have always had a positive experience and the women who spray you are very good at what they do. You can customize your color and they will work with you on where you want to be sprayed.

However, here are my problems with professional spray tanning:

1. You basically have to give up 8 hours of your day. After the spray, you cannot come in contact with water or sweat.  This might seem easy, but unless you are able to get an appointment immediately before you go to bed, it's actually not! You are scarily orange until you are able to shower (8 hours later), so its not like you can venture out in public. Major inconvenience I think.

2. The tan only lasts about 5 days.

3. They typically cost around $45-50 (at least where I go.) Sometimes they run specials for $18-20, which is much better, but still. This is an okay price for me if I am doing it occasionally, but to maintain a tan at that price every week or so? Hmmm... no thanks.

So, enter my favorite new solution:

Casey, my fabulous esthetician at Sweet Jane Salon (you can schedule with her by calling 402-435-8601) recommended Tan Towels for a quick, tan glow. I have seen these little packets at both Sephora and Beauty First, but assumed they did not work for some reason. Last Saturday I picked up a couple of packets (you can buy them in single use packets at Beauty First for about $3-5). Basically, it is a moist towelette with tanning solution on it. You can get a arm or face pack, or a full body pack, which is what I did. The directions say to just rub the towel all over in a circular motion. Sounds easy, right? 
Well...the good news IS! Using a towel is SO much easier than applying lotion and I was able to use the towel on my whole body. If you want a swimsuit ready look, I think I would actually buy two full body packets. I used one and did my full upper body, but just my lower legs. And I felt that my lower legs didn't get quite as tan as my upper body. (Possibly because I started with my upper body)
I am telling you though, this product is genius! I ended up with a streak-free, natural looking tan, and it is JUST now starting to fade a little. 
If you are craving a little tan in your life (especially in this weather! Hello snow!) I would pick up a few Tan Towel packets.  I think you will love them! 
Happy Snow Day....for those of you in Lincoln. Otherwise, Happy Wednesday!  



  1. I'll have to try these sometime! I had pretty much given up on self-tanners (and I've never wanted to devote my whole day to a spray tan). A lot of the lotions would be ok for a couple days, and then I'd start to get orange sheets and clothes because it would rub off. Not cool!

    1. You should try it and let me know what you think!!! I love it!

  2. I always spray tan, but maybe I should try those! This FL girl is supposed to be naturally tan, but who has time for that? :)

    1. I agree! Let me know how it works for you if you try them out:)