Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh Sean...

Well, it is Tuesday night, and I finally just got the chance to watch The Bachelor! The first episode was as dramatic as always, but I have to say, Sean is my favorite Bachelor! Yes, of course he is extremely good looking, but more than that, he is such a nice guy! He is such a gentleman and his character really shines through in how he talks to each of the women.

If it's even possibly, I am WAY more excited than I already was for this season!

And.... for all of you ladies who are still planning to apply for the Bachelor: there a few rules that I have come up with from watching MANY seasons, and I think every "hopeful" should follow. I had these rules in my mind...but then I realized that really, they all come back to one major thing:

Do not get drunk. 

I am not talking about a 'few glasses of wine chatty,' I am talking 'just took a spill in my nightgown' drunk. It is an easy rule to follow and it will most likely save you from breaking many of rules the first night.

I am hesitant to throw out my favorite girls because I have seen how quickly that can turn around. So, all I will say is that I am super excited to watch this season unfold, and you can count on Bachelor insights for the next couple of months!

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